Ancillary Services

We have strategic relationships with a number of providers throughout the state that allow us to provide the following services to interested clients. Please ask us about these services and we would be happy to give you a referral.

137014992Health Insurance
The cost of healthcare continues to climb even after the passing of the “Affordable Care Act.” Experts agree that increases in health insurance premiums will not stabilize any time in the near future. Shopping for health insurance is a daunting task that requires a complete knowledge of all your options. There can be many differences in both price and coverage depending on your employment status and group size. Please call us to learn more.

Medicare Supplements
Medicare part A is generally free of charge for individuals who meet income requirements and who have worked and paid medicare taxes throughout their life. This part of Medicare covers hospitalization and other in-patient services. Medicare Supplement plans seek to supplement Medicare Part A by offering coverage for things like doctor’s visits and other outpatient care services. There is also an option called a Medicare Part D plan that will help to offer prescription drug coverage. All medicare supplement plans have deductibles and co-pays but most are a crucial component needed to fill the gap in coverage left by Medicare Part A. Cettei & Connell will help point you in the right direction.